What Is Our Vision?

We are building kingdom minded men that will impact their community and humanity in general; spiritually sound men, loving husbands, and caring fathers.

Who We Are?

The Custodian is opened to all men/or brothers ;young Adult, matured Single, married. etc.

What We Do?

Our goal /vision is to provide support; spiritually, emotionally, and socially to one another so that we can all be strengthened and equipped to fulfill our calling as sons, brothers, fathers, husbands and agents of change to the territory and sphere of influence God has called us to. We strive to establish strong relationship with one another and explore areas in which we can be more helpful to each other as brothers. fulfilling scriptures “Let brotherly love connues”.and Proverb 27:17 “As iron sharpens iron, so does one man sharpens another”.

How Do We Do This?

Through our regular monthly meeting. which provide us with opportunity to fellowship together and also encourage one another. We discuss other beneficial topics like Finance,business, Men’s health, Career development, family/relationship building etc.we also connect to share fun moments together through sports, camping, and other community involvement.


Victory Celebration Service
Every Sunday 10:30AM - 12:30PM
25 Claireport Crescent, M9W 6P7
Toronto, Canada.