We believe God created man to reign in life and to live out His will on the earth. Despite the catastrophe in the Garden of Eden and the consequences of Adam’s disobedience, we believe God’s original intent for mankind has been salvaged by Christ’s redemptive work.

So, at Center of Life church, we believe and teach that man’s destiny has been redeemed and that Man has been restored back to live and enjoy life as God originally planned at the beginning of time.


This life is a life of peace, joy and righteousness. It is a life of victory and success in every facets of life. We called this lifestyle ‘ABUNDANT LIFE IN CHRIST JESUS’. It is the relationship with the person of Jesus (the living Word) that gives this life and living His principles (the written Word) that procure the benefits of this life. Therefore, our mandate at COLC is to bring people to the reality of this new Covenant Truth and empower them to live life by design and not by default. To help people know how to enjoy and live life successfully, receiving God’s best.

Besides, our message is that you deserve the BEST in life and you should experience ‘TOTAL LIFE PROSPERITY’ (success in spirit, soul & body) because of all Jesus has done for you in redemption. God wants you to realize that within you now (if you embrace this LIFE) is the possibility to shed the cloak of failure, to escape the negative syndrome of discouragement, to break with the demoralizing dogmas of defeat, to get out of the boredom of conformity and to go for life at its best.

Center of Life Church is a place of covenant blessings and you are welcome to be part of our family and faith life. We would help your faith grow through the teaching of the Word and develop new perspective to live the abundant life. You will also develop capacity to give your life a meaning, nurture your gifting and build positive relationship for greater achievement.


Victory Celebration Service
Every Sunday 10:30AM - 12:30PM
8841 George Bolton Pkwy
Bolton, ON L7E 2X8