Experience the Supernatural

I strongly believe that it will take the manifestation of the supernatural for the church of Jesus to fulfill her eternal destiny in this end time. The vast majority of the people we want to reach for Christ need more than just a rhetorical gospel but an encounter with God’s power for them to believe.

When Creativity meets Divinity

Excellence in creativity can best be epitomized when God breathed life into Adam, and created a woman out of his ribs. Out of nothing (dust) came something tangible (man); from what was not, came what is. The foregoing is a biblical and eternal proof that our God is a creative God. When the trees; adorned

Plugged In

One day, I got back from work and I noticed an electronic tablet was connected to the charger, at first, I was nervous that the battery would have been overcharged for long hours. I wanted to unplug the charger but realized the charger was not connected to the electricity source and the battery was almost

Holy Spirit the Catalyst for Change

I believe God is about to bring a positive change in your life. I believe prophetically it is your season of change. Great things are about to happen in your life. New opportunities are springing forth for you and l declare over you that it is a new beginning. God’s plan for you is increase,

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