The Ideal Women Ministry of the Center of Life Church is a clarion call to become and maintain the “Virtuous Woman” status as stated in the Holy Scriptures.

With this vision being championed by the very able Pst Mrs Subuola Awoleri, the ministry challenges all women of age to recognize their unique strengths  and roles within the marriages, families and the professional work space.

Unlike men who can must be singular in purpose, a woman must wear many hats and juggle many roles as she switches from acting as the wife, mother and colleague every day of her life and through spirit filled doctrine plus pragmatic strategies the Ideal Woman is created through the acquisition of knowledge and power.

With the Ideal Women’s conference holding in the Summer annually, it is an opportunity to connect with this awesome ministry and groom yourself (ie women) or equip your spouses (the men).


Victory Celebration Service
Every Sunday 10:30AM - 12:30PM
25 Claireport Crescent, M9W 6P7
Toronto, Canada.