Life In The Word

IF YOU WANT TO SEE SUCCESS in your pursuit or have victory in any area of your life, there is one thing you must do – know and live in the Word. Doing what God says on a particular issue is what brings success in life. It is comforting to know that God, through His written word, has given us guidance on how to live life successfully. Following God’s principles for living in the Bible is what will bring success to your marriage, business, career or ministry (Josh.1:8, Ps.1:1, Isa.1:19).

So, there is a “price” to pay to see the victory that God has promised us as His covenant children. The price is the lifestyle of undaunted commitment and obedience to the Word of God. This lifestyle will be impossible if an individual have not come to see the Bible as a ‘SUCCESS MANUAL’. Unfortunately many people, including some believers in Christ, see the Bible as a piece of literature.

They treat the Bible as a mere history book and isolate God and His power from His Word – the Bible. Victory in life begins with the revelation that the written Word as taken the place of the unseen Christ and that the scriptures is given by the inspiration of the Spirit of God (2Tim.3:16). Besides, the Word must be accepted as the final authority on any issue of life and received as God’s prescription for man’s dilemma.

I know that someone reading this article may say that some do not believe in the bible and they are successful and so what the fuss about living life based on the instructions of the bible. You see, when people refer to successful people in the world, most of the time they are referring to their career achievement and wealth acquisition. They are not incorrect but they are incomplete. Real success from scriptural standpoint is called ‘TOTAL LIFE PROSPERITY’.

It is having success in every areas of life. It is the SHALOM of God- ‘Nothing missing, nothing broken- peace of God’. You only need to look at what is happening in Hollywood for you to understand what l am talking about. Men and women that have successful career and a lot of money but can not sleep without drugs. Their marriages are in a wreck, ravage with diseases and Satan is largely in control of some or most aspects of their lives. However, God’s kind of success as revealed in the scriptures guarantee blessing without sorrow attached it (Pro.10:22).

Do What The Word Says

If you want to stay above sickness, defeat, debt, failure or whatever onslaught devil might bring your way, you must know God’s word, obey the Word, believe in the authority of the Word of God and govern your life by it. Walking in the truth of God’s word will transform your marriage career and ministry. In any situation you find yourself- just ask the question “what does the Word says about this?’. Then do exactly what the bible says and act on it by faith to release God’s power in the Word. Don’t argue with the Word! Make a decision that you will do what the Word says in any circumstances and you will begin to see divine manifestation.

The reason many believers grope in darkness and are oppressed by the devil is because they despised God’s word (Ps.107:10-11, Pro.13:13, Ps.119:165 LBV). Devil will control any believer that does not know who he is in the Lord or ignorant of God’s will for his life (Ecce.10:15, Isa.48:17). So, create time for the word of God, search for the truth, seek for revelation knowledge from the Holy Spirit and above all be a doer of the word by acting on it by faith.



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